SEO Scorpions, PPC Piranhas, and Social Media Snakes

I’ve got a simple yet powerful warning for you today…

When people don’t understand the essence of converting visitors into customers, they start to think that more traffic (or cheaper traffic) is the solution.  But this leaves them incredibly vulnerable  to all sorts of strange “traffic monsters”.

For example, consider the SEO Scorpion, PPC Piranha, and Social Media Snake:

Villian: SEO Scorpion

Evil Motto: “All you need is free traffic and plenty of it.  (And if you’ll just give me a g’zillion dollars for SEO services, I’ll be happy to get it for you)

Solution: “Develop a site which converts visitors to buyers better than others in your market first and foremost. Then test it with paid advertising so you know which keywords contain the highest proportion of customers.  Then by all means, expand your reach and lower your cost of acquisition with a major SEO campaign


Villian: PPC Piranha

Evil Motto: “What you really need is cheap clicks.  (And I’ll be happy to buy you tons of them if you’ll pay my management fees)

Solution: Cheap clicks aren’t worth much if you can’t convert the visitors into buyers.  They’re worth even less if you add expensive management fees.  PPC traffic is great, but you should choose your ideal keyword bulls eyes carefully, then slowly use that traffic as the engine to ramp up your conversion rate without blowing through a lot of money.  Then and only then (once you’re converting visitors into customers better than others in the market) do you expand your traffic and hire a PPC agency


Villian: Social Media Snake

Evil Motto: “You just gotta RELATE and BE SOCIAL with your audience or you’re sunk.  The more tweets and facebook posts you make the better (and more money for me, heh heh heh).”

Solution: REMEMBER: socializing and entertaining makes you friends, not customers!  When executed strategically–around a point-of-difference benefit–social media campaigns CAN build your lists and increase your sales.  Just having social activity online is NOT enough (it wastes time, consumes resources, and can actually decrease your profits!)

Don’t fall prey to profit killing traffic monsters!

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Onwards and Upwards My Fine Friends!

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