Single Most Important Adwords Keyword

What’s the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ADWORDS KEYWORD in your business?  If you had to choose only ONE keyword to rank for, and only one to advertise in PPC, what would it be?    What are searchers on this keyword thinking and feeling as they bounce from competitor to competitor?  Who’s winning the game on this keyword conversation, and why?

What are THE FEWEST KEYWORDS WHICH WILL MAKE YOU THE MOST MONEY in your market?  And, when you’re doing keyword research, how, specifically, will  you decide when you’ve strayed too far from your keyword bull’s eye?  

If you can’t answer these questions without thinking about it, I know two things about you.  (1) You’re either overwhelmed by your Adwords campaigns, or they’re either not converting as well as you KNOW they could be (or with as much volume as you know is possible in your market); (2) you’re losing valuable customers, money, and time every day.  

You see, because every keyword is a conversation, when you’ve got too many of them it becomes next to impossible to effectively market any ONE.   It’s king of like being in a “keyword candy store” without your Mom there to stop you from over-indulging and getting sick.

The results are hours wasted chasing distracting keywords which never really convert … and worse, dilute your understanding of the core “keyword conversation” you’re positioned best to sell on.  Too many keywords = continual distraction from delivering a laser focused, effective marketing message.    

You’ll need to consider three critical elements of any keyword candidate you consider:

  • PERCENT RELEVANCY: Some keywords are filled with searchers dead on qualified for your business.  Others are virtually meaningless to you.  Most are somewhere in between. As you go from keyword to keyword looking for the “Bulls Eye” (and you definitely need one – the ultimate ‘elevator speech’ for your business), you’ll need to factor in relevancy as part of the equation
  • VOLUME: When you choose a given keyword as your bulls-eye, how does that effect the overall volume on the whole archery target?  (Including the most closely related keywords)?
  • PRICE: When you choose your single most important keyword and define a 100% clear set of related terms on the archery target, how much money is actually changing hands on that whole target? 

Hopefully the above has given you food for thought and will help you focus more clearly in your business.

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