Supercharged Segmentation with Aweber

Hey, most people on my list know the value of segmentation…

Speaking more specifically to a specific audience about a specific problem almost always dramatically multiples response!  Granularity works, the question is always whether it’s worth the extra work.

But what if you didn’t have to DO the extra work?

What if you could:

  • Add people who clicked any given follow up link to a special list?
  • Tag these people so you’d remember their interests?
  • Automatically move people from list to list when they completed one sequence?

Wait Glenn, you say…

Infusion already does this!

True, and I’ve got an account with them too.

But what about those who’ve fallen in love with aweber’s deliverability, lower price, and/or those who’ve built massive lists that are next to impossible to port?  Or marketers who just don’t want to incur the time, energy, and expense involved in switching this critical piece of their e-commerce infrastructure? (Oooooh, look, I said a big word, aren’t I smart?)

You’ll be thrilled to know Jack Born’s developed an amazing tool at a VERY affordable price.  And if you’d like to jump on early using my affiliate link, he’ll also be providing a nice added bonus, described in the audio below. (Listen to the audio for some additional segmentation and email marketing tips gleaned from both of our work with Perry Marshall)