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Adwords Copywriting Headaches

Every adwords marketer eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns.  They just can’t think of any more keywords, ad copy, or landing page changes to improve click thru and conversion.

Here’s a different way to break through your wall … try to do the OPPOSITE.

Seriously … spend an hour writing the WORST POSSIBLE ADWORDS ADS you can think of for your market in each ad group.   Ask yourself “if I really wanted to totally destroy my business and/or immediately tank my click through and conversion, how would I write these ads?”

Of course, you won’t publish them.  But giving yourself the freedom to do this will dramatically open your thinking to new avenues and benefits you hadn’t thought of.

The worst possible ads you write will contain, of necessity, the primary objections in the market … once you’ve identified these, it’s EASY to turn them around into positives.

But again, the key is to totally give yourself to the mindset.  When you’re writing BAD ppc ads, write REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD ppc ads!  And enjoy the process.

Here’s an example of an ad I’d like to beat, for my classic old “guinea pig” book:

All About Guinea Pigs
Everything You Must Know About
Pet Guinea Pigs In One Place!

Now, to really beat this I’d give myself permission to do the opposite.
And I REALLY have to go to the extreme … write things which guinea pig  lovers would hate me for indefinitely, things which no self respecting parent would ever click on, things which would get me banned from Google and get PETA to organize a protest on my front lawn.  (For legal reasons, let me be very clear that I am NOT recommending anyone DO anything in these ads, publish them anywhere, or even necessarily read them!  They’re for illustration of the exercise only)

Delicious Guinea Pigs
101 Ways To Cook Your Child’s
Pet While They Sleep (Free)

Guinea Pig Baseball
Amazing New Game Builds
Child’s Confidence – No Balls!

Piggy Poo Machine
Get Your Guinea Pig To
Poo In Your Mom’s Room

Do you see the direction I’m going in?   If I were doing the full exercise, I wouldn’t stop here … I’d force myself to write AT LEAST 10 REALLY, REALLY BAD PPC ADS.  But since I want to illustrate how these can be turned around to GOOD ideas, let me stop here and show you.

Take the first ad … did you experience a kind of “evil smile” when you read it?  That’s because you’re tapping into what every parent feels, but none are willing to admit to themselves.  I’ve spoken to parents who’ve gotten their children guinea pigs without educating their kids about care … then wondered what they got THEMSELVES into.  (Smelly, messy rooms, forgotten feedings, etc).  Many parents secretly want to get rid of their children’s piggies.

How could we leverage that?  How about something like …

Keep Your Guinea Pig
7 Secrets To  Raising Lovable,
Sweet Smelling Piggies Now!

Now, let’s look at the next one:

Guinea Pig Baseball
Amazing New Game Builds
Child’s Confidence – No Balls!

Here we’ve tapped into the same socially undesirable emotion (parents
wanting to UNDO the guinea pig at home) , but combined it with something the parents actually wanted for their children … a nurturing experience to help their child build confidence.  Let’s write an ad that appeals to the second:

Confident Kids Love Pigs
Your Child Will Learn Loving
Responsibility (Guinea Pig Info)

OK, … get the point?  Let’s do the last one:

Piggy Poo Machine
Get Your Guinea Pig To
Poo In Your Mom’s Room

Becomes …

No More Poo Machine
Perfect Guinea Pig Potty
Training In 7 Days or Less

(Note: you can’t really get them to be perfect, but you CAN get’m very clean and they’re easy to care for when you know the facts)

The point is, when you want great ideas, you sometimes have to really give yourself permission to generate the WORST.

Hope that helps,

Dr. G 🙂

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10 Steps to Adwords Success

This is a summary of the 10 fundamental differences between adwords money makers and those who continually struggle … from my interview with Bryan Todd, co-author of the “Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords”.


True success in Adwords often depends on your ability to honestly answer the question: “Is there some simple assumption that I’ve made in my business which I’ve never bothered to question”

When people go from not making money to making money, it’s usually because they’ve challenged a very fundamental assumption they had made about the people in their market, the market as a whole, or their business itself … one it never occurred to them to question before

Learn to question what you’ve left unquestioned, and you can make a very monumental step forward. Suddenly the flood gates open up, you can reach (and help) many more people, more effectively, than you ever dreamed possible!


1) Money Makers Get At The Soul Of The Market

Mastering the basic technical fundamentals of Adwords (below) is essential … but not always enough to break the success barrier!

* Keyword Volume

* Cost per click

* Ad grouping

* Position on the page

Connecting with the market on a much more personal level is what usually provides the competitive edge

* What does the market really want?

* It’s essential to communicate with the market in their language

2) Money Makers Ask “Is This What People Really Want To Buy?”

Many people get lost in searching for technical answers and never ask the simple question “is this what people really want to buy?”

Understanding the different between want and need

* (example: Bryan could do a fantastic job of teaching ou how to LEARN a language, but ultimately, people just want to SPEAK the language)

“The only marketing mistake is narcissism” (thinking people want what you want them to want, as opposed to finding out what they want!) – Dr. Glenn Livingston

3) Money Makers Only Play In Markets With Enough People Searching For What They Sell!

If you can’t find enough keyword searches each month to generate a predicted, sizable profit after hours of keyword research, then don’t try to fit a round peg in a square hole

4) Money Makers Ask “Is This A Business Model That Can Ever Really Work?” Before They Dive In

Lots of people get caught up in Adwords trials when they’ve never really asked themselves “can this business MODEL ever really work?”

* REAL MLMs (the ones that DO work) are just very sophisticated affiliate programs

* Move quality products that are useful to people

* With a quality product network marketing business will be successful, because again, it is just like an affiliate program

* FAKE MLMS: Some MLMs are merely an “opportunity to sell the opportunity”

* Example: addressing envelopes from home which recruit other people to address envelopes from home … and many other work at home offers

Two key questions to ask before getting involved in a business opportunity

* Question #1: How much money has the person offering this opportunity made this month from this opportunity?

* Question #2: How are you going to make money? Or how do I make money selling this?

* Answer should be simple and clear

* Provides for a business model that is easy to follow

5) Money Makers Know The Right “Core Message” For Their Audience

Ask the right questions about the big picture

Allow yourself to question fundamental assumptions about why you’ve ventured into this market, product, business in the first place

Question why am I trying to do this in this particular way?

* Is there a better way?

* Is this the best way?

Have I hit upon the core message for the market?

* Is this really going to resonate with my audience?

* Is this the silver bullet?

6) Money Makers Discover Know ALL The Desired Features of Their Products and Services


* Think about what you are selling

* Have you identified ALL the desirable features and benefits it really provides?

* Do you know WHICH HUMAN NEEDS each feature of benefit really serves?

* Note: there are only 37 of them … can you link your ad copy to one?

http://www.AdwordsMarketingMuscle.com/37.htm (list of the 37 emotional needs which can be linked to purchase motivation)

7) Money Makers Know the Best Marketing Model For THEIR Business

Evaluate and question is there some sort of advertising model or web structure that might work better for a particular market?

* People often struggle trying to make a particular model work and it may not be the best suited model for that business

* The marketing model should be bull’s eye targeted for the market. A model that can be optimized based on the needs of the market

* Opt in –> newsletter –> salesletter?

* Catalog?

* Ecommerce model?

8) Money Makers Know The Internet Is NOT Their Business

Understanding that the internet is a tool to enhance or “supercharge” a business will provide a competitive advantage over the marketers that believe the internet is going to do all of the work for you

The internet is NOT your business, it is a catalyst for your business

9) Money Makers Know There Is Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity

* The ability to take a step back after being in the market and after trying to sell to the market

* The ability to evaluate if there is anything that could be changed, even a simple assumption that you’ve made that you could now question and turn around

* Complexity doesn’t equal success (example: we all want a doctor that takes the time to reassure you, speak to you in English and not revert back to the Latin phrases from med school)

* Find the simplest way to state the primary benefits of the business

* Don’t ever underestimate the power of coherence

10) Money Makers Understand The Essence Of Adwords

The essence of success with adwords requires the ability to define the business and/ or product clearly in a very small space with a very concise and simple statement

What is a successful Adwords campaign?

* Person thinks to himself, “I want X”

* Person then goes to Google™ and types in “I want X”

* Person sees an Ad that you’ve written and your ad says, “You want X? Good, we’re going to give you X” and then the URL at the bottom says “get X dot com”

* Person clicks through and the landing page says, “You want X? We are here to give you X. Now, let me tell you exactly what steps you will need to take in order to get X”

* Number one, fill in the form in the bottom and that will be step number one in you getting X.

* Or, pick up the phone and call this 800 number and we will give you a step by step explanation on how you can get X.

* Or, enter your credit card number down in the filed below and we will send X to your house.

* It’s really that simple. If I want X, you echo that right back to me.

* Good landing pages also usually repeat what the Google™ ad said


— And —


Hyper Responsive PPC Search Marketing

There are FIVE reasons pay per click search marketing is evolving to center on around the hyper-responsive PPC searcher:

1. The 80/20 rule means one out of 2,000 PPC visitors really matters online

2.  PPC searchers look for real points of difference, and the hyper-responsive ppc searcher knows this better than anyone

3. Hyper Responsive Pay per click visitors have huge BS detectors, so if you can satisfy them, you should satisfy your entire search market

4.  Hyper responsive ppc visitors are the best ones to give you the right pay per click BUYING LANGUAGE … the words you need to convince searchers to take out their credit cards and pay!

5. Hyper responsive marketers can help you estimate your ppc costs.

Watch this pay per click search marketing video to understand more!

Part 1:

To Lear More: Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets

Part 2:

To Lear More: Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets

copywriting for adwords

Everyone talks about swipe files, tracking your competitors, etc. as fodder for your Adwords copywriting. All good advice.

Here’s something MUCH better …

Use a text box on your opt in page which asks about their needs and reasons for searching today, and make sure you’re recording the keyword group they came from. (Your programmer should do this, don’t ask which keyword they typed because they just don’t remember … I’ve tried!)

Examine the language, concerns, desires, and objections you see coming through that little box, and USE it in your ppc copywriting because there’s a fortune in increased CTR and conversion in this simple little technique.

Your prospects and customers can write your adwords copy for you!

Watch for an extremely powerful build on this method in a few days … a scoring sheet which helps you find on the most responsive buyers and focus on THEIR copy!