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Hyper-Responsive AdWords Marketing

A very small percent of your customers  are responsible for a large percent of AdWords profits in most businesses.  These are ‘Hyper-Responsive’ AdWords because they buy everything you’ve got, beg for more, and tell all their friends.

It’s entirely possible to engineer your AdWords campaigns to more specifically attract Hyper-Responsive buyers.  It’s also possible to design your landing pages, prodcuts, and in fact your entire  sales funnels to convert and upsell them more quickly.  

Some people object “won’t you be minimizing volume if you focus on Hyper-Responsive customers since they’re such a small percent of your market?”

But practical experience suggests this fear is unfounded, because Hyper-Responsive customers seem to “lead the market”.  They know all the frustrations, concerns, and benefits available, so when you optimize your system for them,  you not only expand THEIR spending, but you become more attractive to ALL your prospects and customers.

In the 33 minute interview below you’ll hear specific examples to illustrate how YOU can start using Hyper-Responsive principles in all your AdWords marketing.   (For more in-depth step by step instruction, please see the hyper-responsive marketing club)