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taming adwords logic

I find it horribly upsetting to see how many adwords marketers simply don’t use the reporting center.

Here’s the thing … Google uses FUZZY LOGIC to serve your ads on all but exact match keywords.

And even though Google has the best fuzzy logic around, it’s still VERY FUZZY, and the percentage of irrelevant and costly keywords (or content sites) served is frightening.

Thankfully, Adwords provides the reporting center, and there are two reports in particular of immense value … the Search Query Report, and the Content Placement Report.

They can seem overwhelming, but all you really need to do is:

1) Make sure you’ve got conversion tracking installed. (Adwords is ALL about conversion tracking … I really don’t understand how anyone makes ANY money without it)

2) Run the reports.

3) Suppress impressions on poorly performing keywords by adding them as negatives, and suppress poorly performing sites by excluding them.

There are many more valuable things you can do with these reports (like identifying keywords you hadn’t bid on for peeling and sticking into new adgroups … they’ll show up because Google broad matched them using fuzzy logic, etc., … or peeling out a great content site and putting it in a placement only campaign to more effectively manage the bids) … but these are extra credit.

Seriously, in the past 100 accounts I’ve seen, less than 5% had run these reports, leaving a huge gaping hole in the market for you!