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Emotional Copywriting Magic

What if you understood something about your market that no one else did. What if you could see the entire STORY your prospect was engaged in … the problem they were solving, what role they wanted you to play, how they wanted you to transform their lives with your copy? This has got to be one of the coolest interviews I ever got out of Sharon … see how you can get your copy to write itself. ¬†Enjoy!

Dr. G ūüôā
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Emotional Adwords Marketing – Comment

Sarah left an interesting comment about our list of 37 Emotional Benefits , and one which is almost always mentioned in one form or another when we consult with large companies about their branding … essentially ¬†“I don’t see _____ emotion on the list”.

Here’s how the list was developed.

We started with hundreds of our own consumer studies and in-depth emotional interview transcripts to find any reference to emotional states related to purchase.

In total, we had over 600 possible emotions to start with.

We then presented these to an expert panel of 16 psychologists and marketing executives, who were instructed to eliminate redundancies and group the emotions into similar piles.  They were able to reduce the list to a little under 100.

We then designed a study to reduce this list even further to a more manageable number. ¬†Our goal was to have the shortest list of human emotions which could motivate purchase … so that marketers could use them in advertising research, and agencies/copywriters could use them in actually developing their messaging.

In the study, we presented over 1,000 consumers FACIAL PICTURES of two dozen different people with a variety of different facial expressions, clothing, … and of different demographic constitution (age, ethnicity, etc)

We asked them ONE question …

“How important might it be to THIS person (picture shown) to feel THIS (emotion exposed) in their life?” ¬†(To avoid fatigue, not every consumer rated all the emotions, nor saw every facial picture)

A kind of sophisitcated mathematical analysis (“factor analysis”) showed fairly decisively that the list could be clustered into no more than 37 emotions, which are represented in the¬†37 Emotional Benefits¬†chart. ¬†(There’s actually an even smaller, more workable list of 21 if you’re willing to sacrifice a certain degree of statistical accuracy)

Every time we work with a client, they see one of the other 563 emotions we started with which would be more relevant to their work. ¬†But this study showed that what they’re really seeing is just a nuance of one of the emotions in the “magic 37”. ¬† (A lot of clients used to make us prove it to them by testing and then running regressions to show the mathematical relationship … trust me, it always works and it’s not worth the effort!)

Bottom line?

You can really count on this free list of 37 emotional benefits in marketing … whatever you sell, whomever you sell it to, they’re buying it for one of these reasons.

copywriting for adwords

Everyone talks about swipe files, tracking your competitors, etc. as fodder for your Adwords copywriting. All good advice.

Here’s something MUCH better …

Use a text box on your opt in page which asks about their needs and reasons for searching today, and make sure you’re recording the keyword group they came from. (Your programmer should do this, don’t ask which keyword they typed because they just don’t remember … I’ve tried!)

Examine the language, concerns, desires, and objections you see coming through that little box, and USE it in your ppc copywriting because there’s a fortune in increased CTR and conversion in this simple little technique.

Your prospects and customers can write your adwords copy for you!

Watch for an extremely powerful build on this method in a few days … a scoring sheet which helps you find on the most responsive buyers and focus on THEIR copy!