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The Invisible Web

Did you know that there are some places online that not even Google can reach?

This is a potentially very valuable source of competitive intelligence for your business.

The thing is, search engine spiders can’t (or don’t) type in search phrases when they come upon databases. What this means for you is, there are literally thousands of catalogs, databases, and indexes you can find which your lazy competitors won’t bother to work with.

Just think “database” and add your keywords.

Suppose you sell special fish shaped trophies for fishing enthusiasts. (Hey, it’s a niche!)

Try searching Google for “fishing database”.

Here’s one I found:


It’s a database full of individuals entering their catch information. Hmmmm … can you say “a prospect list your competitors didn’t think to look for?”

Much more to come …

G 🙂

PS – We’re compiling all your survey responses and planning our tele-seminars and articles … thanks for your input!

Adwords Antimonials

Apparently, the FTC is working on regulations which require marketers to show more typical results.   They’re addressing a real problem … what if only 10% of customers get amazing results, whereas 90% of them lose a fortune?   If we only show the top 10%, we’re misleading customers, right?

But marketers honestly be expected to aggressively display their BAD side?

I’m actually in favor of it and plan to do so.

In fact, I’m COINING a new term right here and now “ANTIMONIAL(tm)”. (An Antimonial is genuinely negative customer feedback published right along with Testimonials to give more credibility and honestly to your sales presentation)

I have the opinion that honestly displaying negative feedback about your materials, along with your own response and defense of same, gives people the right to decide for themselves.  And if what you’re offering has genuine value, the fact that both positive and negative commentators are displayed will make it obvious that you’re telling the whole truth.

It also puts more pressure on us as marketers to actually DELIVER, because we won’t be able to hide behind a short list of satisfied (and sometimes manic) customers anymore.

So let’s start with this very post … let me have it please!  (What am I doing wrong?  How can I improve?  And if you’re so inclined, what am I doing RIGHT too?)

Adwords Success Factors

If you haven’t done so already, please download the FREE PPC MP3 with Bryan Todd, co-author of the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords here:

FREE MP3: Fundamental Adwords Assumptions Most Get Wrong,
Even, (And Perhaps Especially) After Years Of PPC Experience:

Bryan is the co-author of the “Definitive Guide to Google Adwords” and, by Perry Marshall’s own admission, he’s “a little better” at the ppc game than Perry himself.

The interview is particularly important for people who are trying to make it in Adwords, because it’s very easy to make FAULTY
ASSUMPTIONS, especially in competitive markets.

Download or Listen to the FREE Bryan Todd MP3 here:
Pay Per Click Success MP3

Bryan’s looked carefully at literally hundreds of student’s Adwords accounts during his years as a consultant, coach, and right hand man to Perry Marshall, …

So the question I asked Bryan, over and over in many different ways during the interview was … “What REALLY distinguishes people who
‘make it’ in PPC vs. people who flop and flounder”

His answer really surprised me because it had NOTHING to do with any technical skills or marketing genius.

In fact, Bryan said that the majority of people he coaches have very little trouble ‘getting’ the basic technical aspects right.

Download or Listen to the FREE Bryan Tood MP3 here:
Adwords Success MP3

Instead, he said what really distinguishes people who win the Google game is their ability to seriously question 10 fundamental assumptions most people make about their market … things most people never think to ask themselves.

I have to tell you that the interview was so powerful for me personally (even after 5 years of running ultra successful campaigns), that I pushed out the launch date for this very project (the one you’re reading right now) while I asked myself these very
same questions.

Anyway, … get this one now and have a listen while you’re feeling open minded about it.

I think it’ll be PARTICULARLY important for you. (Even if you’ve heard some of these things before)

FREE MP3: Fundamental Adwords Assumptions Most Get Wrong

All my best,

Glenn 🙂

Hyper Responsive PPC Search Marketing

There are FIVE reasons pay per click search marketing is evolving to center on around the hyper-responsive PPC searcher:

1. The 80/20 rule means one out of 2,000 PPC visitors really matters online

2.  PPC searchers look for real points of difference, and the hyper-responsive ppc searcher knows this better than anyone

3. Hyper Responsive Pay per click visitors have huge BS detectors, so if you can satisfy them, you should satisfy your entire search market

4.  Hyper responsive ppc visitors are the best ones to give you the right pay per click BUYING LANGUAGE … the words you need to convince searchers to take out their credit cards and pay!

5. Hyper responsive marketers can help you estimate your ppc costs.

Watch this pay per click search marketing video to understand more!

Part 1:

To Lear More: Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets

Part 2:

To Lear More: Hyper Responsive Marketing Secrets

Information Marketing vs. Digital Marketing for PPC

Most adwords and ppc marketers think of ebooks and MP3s when they consider information marketing. They’ve been sold on the high margin, zero cost of goods, automated dream of the information marketing world. But this neglects the broader purpose, and true value of information marketing in adwords, and across all PPC applications.