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Outsourcing Sucks, Delegating Sucks, Unless…

It’s common to hear internet marketers say “just outsource it” or “delegate or die”.

And of course, there’s really no way to earn $1,000 an hour if you’re busy doing $10/hr work yourself.

But, the vast majority of online educators leave out the critical piece … how the do you do that?

Not “where do you find good quality labor for low rates” … that’s relatively easy.   Not “how do you decide what to delegate and what to do yourself” (an admittedly harder, but manageable task).

What you never hear is how to preserve your VISION of the outcome, and the purpose of your delegated/outsourced work across the multitude of people and personalities working on your project.

If you get this component wrong, that $10/hr writer you hired on elance can end up costing you $500/hr in lost productivity, delayed deadlines, and squelched morale when they come back a month later with something totally different than what you really needed.

How the hell do you do THAT?

Dan Pfister is one of my favorite students.  He’s taken my research methods to the nth degree and applied them not only to his marketing and sales process, but more importantly to the development of materials and products which actually DO scratch the itches no one else is scratching in his market (the leadership market).

In this very practical interview, Dan reviews some of the most important components of vision and team building which elude the vast majority of entrepreneurs.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed in the slightest at the prospect of getting REAL help for your business, or even if you think you might be when you grow in the future … I definitely endorse Dan’s materials.

Dan’s the real deal, and I’m proud to present this free MP3.

Enjoy 🙂