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Testing Email Sequence Order (Cheat Sheet)

If you’ve ever run an analysis of WHEN your customers buy from your email follow ups, most marketers will find a highly disproportionate number of buyers in the early weeks (even the early DAYS) immediately after signing up.  As Gary Halbert says “You’ve got to get them when they’re in heat!”

Yet despite this very clear and convincing skew, almost NO ONE goes to the trouble of testing the ORDER of their follow up sequence.  That’s a BIG MISTAKE because, if email #12 happens to be your strongest pulling follow up, there’s a damn good chance you’ll snag more buyers by moving it closer to the sign up date when a greater proportion of your list is “in heat”…

Moreover, sometimes a particular email does a better job immediately after another email, and, conversely, there are certain messages which will actually decrease the efficacy of their followers.  The bottom line is, there’s usually money on the table for marketers willing to go through the time and effort to optimize the ORDER of their email sequence.

Logistically, this can be difficult, in fact, I’ve found only one or two other people who’ve ever run these kinds of email sequencing tests.  To try and ease the burden, I’ve prepared a simple cheat sheet which outlines exactly how to do this using aweber, step by step.  (Instructions are logically translatable to ANY autoresponder system)

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Upwards and Onwards!

Dr. G 🙂