Testimonials That Sell (Transcript)

Testimonials Done For You Service with Dr. Sharon Livingston

The other day I posted a popular MP3 about generating testimonials that sell.    You can still grab that interview with my darling wife Dr. Sharon Livingston here (testimonials that sell MP3)

Today I wanted to get you the “Testimonials That Sell Transcript“.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY, I wanted to be sure  you had a chance to see the new LIVE “Make Them Buy” WEBINARS 2x/mo. offering I introduced on Thursday…

I’ll be providing live attention to help dramatically increase your sales!

Let me ask you a question…

How much would it be worth to double (or even triple) response on your existing traffic?…

  • Where else could you expand your advertising if your value per visitor were twice what it is now?
  • Which SEO service could you afford?
  • How much more could you outsource?
  • How much more FUN would it be to run your business if you radically re-engineered the economics?

The truth is, EVERYTHING opens up when you’re the best at turning visitors into dollars in your market.

Traffic techniques are an illusion… conversion is THE magnet which tilts everything in the market in your favor.

Now, I don’t mean to make it sound easier than it is (I’m always the voice of reality, aren’t I?)…

But I HAVE  spent the last two years studying conversion principles to complement and supercharge everything I knew how to do with research…

And I now find now I can often help people bump their sites in MUCH less time than it used to take.

More importantly, I ENJOY it.

It’s very gratifying to see people succeed…

To know I’ve (in many cases quickly) changed their lives.

Of course, I can’t promise you a rose garden…

But I’m quite dedicated…

And because I know people are struggling, and a lot of you have asked for a way to get more LIVE contact with me, I’ve decided to conduct bi-weekly group-mentoring at an extremely low rate (you’ll be shocked). Of course, I’m NO saint, and I’ve got some selfish reasons for doing this now too. (You can read them all on the site.)

But the net-net is,  at least as of the time of this posting, you can get your questions answered LIVE for less than a $5 Starbucks Card

Onwards and Upwards,

Dr. G 🙂

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