The Marketing Continuum

Not enough people, in my estimation, are paying attention to the marketing continuum which goes from “learn how to do it” to “coach me” to “do it for me”.

In this free mp3, Sharon and I discuss how you might apply this to your business, and how it applies to ours.

Enjoy 🙂

PS – IMPORTANT: Speaking of personal coaching, I’m raising the price for my personal coaching board in less than 2 weeks, or when we hit 30 members, whichever comes first. Same for the hyper-responsive marketing club… two weeks or another 100 members, whichever comes first. Some people get angry when I give notice of these things, but more people get angrier when I don’t… and I think it’s only fair to let people who’ve been sitting on the fence have a chance to LOCK IN the lower rates.

PPS – If you’re paying attention for your own membership sites and coaching programs, this ALSO rewards your more loyal, early adopters.  (And, launching at lower rates with progressive price raises later on gives you more traction ability to test and optimize your sales process early on with real buyers, which takes a lot longer at higher price levels and lower transaction volumes)