The Ultimate Customer Service

I challenge anyone to beat this customer service example.

Yesterday, Sharon and I went for a doctor’s appointment.  (We both work with two very special doctors in Maine who cured my Lyme disease after 10 years, completely removed my long standing migraine headaches, restored my energy, and basically gave me my life back)

Now here’s the thing.

We were supposed to stop at the Rite Aid and pick up a prescription to get an injection before the appointment.  We had called their office to ensure it was called in beforehand.

But when we got there 20 minutes before the appointment it was not there.

I telephoned my doc and left a voice mail message, but the bastard didn’t call me back.

Instead, literally 5 minutes later BOTH doctors showed up at the Rite Aid and re-wrote the prescription!

My docs – Scott Mulliken and Teresa Caprio
in Kennebunk, Maine (207) 985-1806

It was the best customer service I’ve ever experienced.

Do you have a customer service story to share?  Leave it below please!

And if you’re struggling with Lyme, or any medical problem which is perplexing you and you don’t mind the drive, I can’t recommend these docs more highly.

G 🙂