Do You Hate This Too?

Know what I DESPISE?

The crazy selling philosophy in the marketing crowd of “Telling People What They Should Do But Not How To Do It”.

It’s a total perversion of the “free sample” idea.  I mean, if you owned an Italian restaurant, would you have someone standing outside giving free pasta samples with NO SAUCE?

Or it’s like the old joke about the guy who sold “brownies” made of cow dung at Yankee Stadium.  When people took a bite and said “this tastes like s___t!”, the purveyor says “it IS s____t!  Wanna buy a toothbrush for $20?”

Why would you want to do business like that?  Why would anyone WANT the customers who DID buy like that?

It’s a sado-masochistic game.

(Instead, you want to provide people with valuable but incomplete content.  You should have hundreds of people thanking you for the actual progress they made without paying you a dime.  It’s not just my personal opinion, it’s the right thing to do!)

Enough of my rant.

But I guess I finally realized I could stand up and say I’m different.  VERY different.  Dramatically different from the majority of the gurus you’ll find online today.

And I can kind of breathe again now that I realize I should be proud of it, not ashamed.

So since you’ve only got a few more hours to join my hyper-responsive club and lock your rate before the price increase tomorrow morning (as soon as I wake up and get on my computer),  I thought it was only appropriate to have Sharon interview me for a few minutes about this.

Listen to the free MP3 below please (bottom of post)… especially if you’re still on the fence.

And for the sake of completely embracing this new philosophy, let me repeat the 7 major reasons what I’m proving you in this club is dramatically different from anything else you’re considering:

1) WATCH A REAL BUSINESS BEING DEVELOPED: This club is one of the very, very few places you can actually watch a real business being developed from scratch. In other words, I don’t only TALK about what to do in some electronic classroom in the sky, I actually SHOW YOU me DOING it as I develop a REAL business.

2) GET 6 To 12 HOURS FOR 1/2 THE PRICE OTHERS CHARGE FOR ONLY ONE: While most other gurus are charging $97/mo for only an hour or two of THEORY, Glenn’s delivering virtually a whole seminar (6 to 12 hours/mo) for the same price

3) LEARN FROM AN AGENCY CEO: I’m not only a marketing educator, I’m the CEO of Rocket Clicks and I’ve seen hundreds of business models from the inside out. Which means, I don’t just guess about what’s working and what’s not, I’ve seen the dollars in vs. dollars out reports. I’m not talking theory!

4) I’VE LIVED IN THE REAL WORLD: I’ve consulted for dozens of real companies … Lipton, AT&T, Novartis, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Colgate-Palmolive, Bausch & Lomb, Nextel, etc. I might be known in our circles as “the guinea pig direct response guy”, but my techniques are explosive in these circles because they come from an entirely different industry.

5) I’VE DONE WHAT I’M TEACHING: I’ve launched over 17 markets profitably, the vast majority of which had nothing to do with the IM crowd. I’m not a guru who’s done nothing but be a guru.

6) I’M HONEST: You won’t get rich next month using my work. It’s not even within the realm of possibility. But you WILL learn how to build a secure foundation for your business so it can grow and grow and grow.

7) YOU’LL LEARN A DIFFERENT WAY TO THINK ABOUT MARKETING: Perhaps most importantly, I’ll teach you a different way to think about marketing which will last you a lifetime.

COURTESY NOTICE:  TODAY is the LAST day you can join the hyper responsive marketing club and LOCK IN the $39.95/mo. RATE.  The price goes up as soon as I wake up and get on my computer tomorrow morning.

Have a great evening,

Dr. G :-)