And the winner is…

There were SO many fantastic entries, but…

The WINNER is ….

1) Dave Kurko – –> for originality, message to market match, and being the first one to create an AdWords interpretation which I believe would genuinely work (and has simultaneous potential for display advertising):

Still Searching for Spot?
Quick & Safe Return of Lost Pets
Affordable Fee for Service Only

Dave, Portia will attempt to contact you via your website to arrange your prize, or you can open a ticket at and connect with her directly.   Great job!

RUNNERS UP:  (Unadvertised Prize):  please open a ticket above and then choose your prize from the following  (a) a copy of “How to Get Unstuck” (coaching assignments to obliterate obstacles, a $50 audio product) or (b) a 4 minute consult + 1 minute to read your issue beforehand

2) Pesach ben Levi ( for concise creativity and touching Sharon’s heart:


gifts of love…
flowers, puppies
Sharon’s heart shows

3) Trevor (,  for utterly and thoroughly understanding Sharon’s dog:

“Fluffy’s life-long dream of becoming a sniper hits it’s first challenge when he fails camouflage 101″

And finally…

4) Glen McNeil ( for making me laugh so hard I literally had to run to the bathroom:

Fleurs: Free Decapitated Head of Dog with Purchase.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing set of entries.  Sharon and I were up late reading them and smiling!

G 🙂