Transferring Your Previous Success

Here’s something few people talk about.

To have an atomic impact on a market, you need to bring success principles from ANOTHER industry, or those unique to your past… things which your competitors are ignoring while busily copying one another in a frenzied act of “marketing incest” (thanks to Fred Gleeck for teaching me the term)

In this FREE 12 minute MP3, I’d like to talk to you about HOW you might go about finding these principles in YOUR industry, and give you a few examples of how I’ve done it right here with this internet marketing list for clarity.

Also in this short MP3 is a key factor I haven’t talked about before.  You’ve heard me discuss the importance of identifying and answering “point of difference” benefits rather than just FAQs.  But you haven’t heard me talk about HOW to answer them so you stand out not only by being the one vendor to provide solutions no one else is providing, but by taking a unique psychological market position on top of THAT platform.

It’s just 12 minutes, really worth listening to now, in my humble opinion 🙂

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PPS – On Tuesday I’ll also be raising the price of my personal coaching board for very similar reasons but you can lock in your rate beforehand.  If you haven’t reviewed the letter for a while, you’ll note I’ve changed the structure of the coaching system this week to in order to allow people to MOVE FASTER THROUGH MY SYSTEM.  (Hyper-responsive club members often inquire how they can “buy ahead” several months, but I don’t allow that without personal supervision. (Painful experience has taught me people take business killing shortcuts when they get 6 months of material at a time… then blame me for the results… which is why the only way I allow people to move faster is on my personal coaching board)

PPPS – Last, I released a new product with Terry Dean last week called Adwords Bulls Eye.   (IMPORTANT: hyper-responsive club members should NOT purchase this unless they do not object to a great deal of overlap in material.  This product is essentially a full day consultation I gave Terry Dean on how hyper-responsive principles apply to AdWords markets)