VIDEO: Interviews That Sell

Doing Interviews to Sell Your Products and Services

Visit  Sharon’s “Multimedia Newsletters That Sell” Web Site

Probably no one knows better how to create audio and video interviews that sell your product than my darling wife Sharon.  After all, she’s interviewed literally 60,000 consumers, doctors, purchasing agents, and other professionals about their emotional response to advertising.

And you’ve experienced her work first hand in MY audio newsletter system.

Ever wished you could have someone like Sharon help YOU create an audio or video newsletter series, just like mine?

You don’t have to wish much longer… just have a look at her “multimedia newsletters that sell” site now (she’s taking on just a few people right now, so if you’re seriously interested, please review today).  The link will open in a new window so it won’t interrupt the video above.


Dr. G 🙂