VIDEO: Unlimited Traffic, Fish Mongers, and Cheap Clicks

I’m busy developing a new opt in sequence all about how to create an “unlimited traffic machine.”

I’ve been thoroughly obsessed with the concept ever since I first heard of the Unlimited Traffic Technique from Jonathan Mizel back in 2003… I’ve seen it happen in my own systems, and thoroughly believe the CONCEPT outlines how we should all be thinking about traffic even if we never quite achieve the goal.

Anyway, even though I built this video for new prospects, I covered several very important nuances of the Unlimited Traffic concept and I think it’s worth watching, even for the most advanced marketers, if for no other reason than to keep us all on track. ¬†(But I really did clarify certain elements and implications of the Unlimited Traffic Technique I’ll bet most of you haven’t thought of)


Dr. G ūüôā

PS – I will be shortly¬†raising the price of the Make Them Buy Club for new members¬†AGAIN. Most people who’ve been around Planet Glenn for a while know that I introduce products at a very low price to reward my most loyal members AND to gather market intelligence on what separates the buyers from non-buyers. ¬†But I do raise them fairly quickly, so if you want to lock in your rate forever, jump on board now please. ¬†(The first month’s only $4.95 in any case, what have you got to lose?)

PPS – Due to time constraints and over-booking, I unfortunately will need to close the personal coaching board to new members and it will not open again until 2014 at the earliest (if ever). As a courtesy to anyone who’s been sitting on the fence, I will leave it open through Monday, but in the event too many people sign up this week I reserve the right to withdraw these openings. ¬†I hope you’ll understand.

PPPS – Trademarks on this page are the properties of their respective owners unless otherwise noted. ¬†The Unlimited Traffic Machine(tm) was inspired by Jonathan Mizel’s “Unlimited Traffic Technique”. ¬†(The latter quoted by Cyberwave Media, Inc.)