Want Traffic? Choose Your Poison!

Want traffic?  Choose your poison!

You can get your traffic from big aggregators like Google and Facebook (or even ClickBank and Bing)… but because these big services are scrutinized very closely by regulatory agencies, they’re FORCED to develop a very strict set of compliance rules and regulations. Otherwise they risk hundred million dollar fines.  It’s MUCH easier for the regulatory agencies to focus their limited resources on the BIG players, so the convenience of “one stop shopping” for your traffic comes with a heavy compliance price tag…

OR…you can get your traffic from smaller networks, individual site buys, banners, email buys, etc. in an environment which is still a little bit like the unregulated Wild West, where the self-serve platforms are much more crude and underdeveloped, where you often need to spend more time talking to (and negotiating with) advertising reps, and where you’ve got to patch quite a few different sources together to get traffic in volume.

Put simply, you can go to the Big Traffic Cities and deal with the cops, or you can go to the Wild Traffic West and deal with the outlaws…

But one way or the other IF you want traffic you’re gonna have to choose your poison!

(SEO has somewhat fewer cops at present, but believe me, they’re coming!)

One way or the other, traffic is going to cost you time, money, or resources.  Which means you’d better be sure your site CONVERTS so you make the most out of the traffic you gave your sweat, blood, and tears to get!

This might seem like a bit of a downer message, but the truth is it’s really very liberating.  Because when you let go of the fantasy that your fairy god-mother’s going to someday give you a big load of free, high quality, easy-to-come-by traffic, you no longer have blinders on and CAN navigate the stormy seas to your destination.  (How’s that for a mixed metaphor!?)

It’s just how it is… don’t shoot the messenger!


Dr. G 🙂



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