WARNING: Analysis Paralysis Man – Watch Out!

Yesterday we started talking about the kinds of  “traffic demons” people become vulnerable when they don’t understand the essence of converting visitors into customers.   Because when you just don’t know what makes a site sell, you’re extremely susceptible to thinking all you need is  more traffic (or cheaper traffic).  And this is how evil creatures like seo scorpions, ppc piranhas, and social media snakes are able to make a good living.

Unfortunately there are many more internet demons you’ll face if you don’t know the 5 simple underlying principles of conversion.  So today, let’s face off against…

Villian: Analysis Paralysis Man

Evil Motto: I’ve never met a problem more data couldn’t solve.  (Give me some money and I’ll be happy to waste weeks generating countless charts, graphs, and tables which will lead to an ever expanding list of questions, which of course will require more data to solve, etc.)”

Solution: Listen, I (Glenn) love data more than the next guy.  In fact, I spent a semester supervising graduate students at Yeshiva University on the  “multivariate analysis of human behavior” via computer models.  But when it comes to internet sales you’ve REALLY got to be careful.  Because the ability to scientifically measure internet activity can create a dangerous vortex which sucks you into a paralyzing maze of meaningless numbers.

What you want are BIG SIMPLE TESTS with PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS. Tests that focus on the fundamental elements of conversion.   What are they?  (1) The way you describe the problem you solve; (2) the unique selling proposition you make; (3) the amount of proof you provide (and the way you present it); (4)  the specific offer you make, and; (5) the type of scarcity or reason to act now you’re using.

Screw the fancy analytics, heat maps, live-chats, uber-complex multivariate analyses, etc. UNLESS they’re designed to support a big simple test with a very clear and meaningful hypothesis.  At least until until you’ve exhausted conversion bumps from testing the fundamental elements.

Read that again (I just saved you a good year of wasted time and/or money to pay for data gathering and analysis experts!)

Listen, you can clear away SO much confusion–and easily defeat a myriad of evil internet villains–if you just master a few simple principles. And now you can watch me do it LIVE on site after site.  (Get started as of the time of this post for less than $5)

Onwards and Upwards My Fine Marketing Friends!

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