Warning: My Products May Cause Cancer

Today I thought, in the wake of the FTC changes, it was probably prudent to warn you that all of my marketing education products may cause cancer.

You see, it’s entirely possible you’ll be so giddy with relief when you realize how much time, money, and effort you’ve been wasting chasing the wrong keywords, monitoring the wrong competitors, and trying to market the wrong message to your audience, that in the thrill of the moment you’ll momentarily forget yourself and return to smoking.

Or, when you learn how to work WITH Google instead of continually fighting their Quality Score algorithms, you might be so incredibly happy that you’ll jump up and hit your head on the ceiling, give yourself a concussion, and forget to take your anti-oxidants the rest of the year, thus allowing the free radicals in your body to do their damage.

There, now you’ve been warned.  Use my products at your own risk.

Dr. G 🙂


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