What Seems Sexy Isn’t Always Good for Marketers

Today I’ve got a little guest post from my partner in the Make Them Buy Conversion Club,
Michael McCarrell:

What’s the biggest mistake advance marketers – let alone beginners – make?  It continues to surprise me, but over and over I see people focusing on traffic instead of conversion.

And I have a theory about why – bear with me for just a minute here – it has to do with biology versus technology, and the fact that technology is evolving much much more rapidly than our biology.

Why should you as a marketer care about biology? Because it’s unavoidable. As much as we like to think of ourselves as rational beings, we are much more emotional and ACT much more instinctively than many of us like to admit.

(In case you don’t think *you* are instinctually driven, try this experiment: try NOT to not jump when a black belt karate expert feigns a kick to your crotch. I don’t care how many times you are told, I don’t care how much rational explanation you get, how many diagrams, how many charts, how much experience he has, or how many times I tell you you’re not going to be touched, you ARE going to jump.)

The Painful Crotch Kick of Marketing

Our evolution from apes has taken millions of years and yet the Industrial Revolution began only 300 years ago.   Personal computers are, what 40 years old?   The Internet is what, 20 years old?  Can you see an issue with divergence going on here?

So why do advance marketers still focus on traffic even though they *cognitively know* that conversion is more important?

Because conversion looks, and in many cases is, tougher than getting more traffic.

And your biology dictates that it’s better to be doing something than nothing because

If you’re doing Nothing you’re a ‘sitting duck’, you’re helpless prey and…

The feeling of helplessness is one of the *most intolerable* of all human emotions

Meaning, at a biological, instinctual level – it’s better to work on traffic then to feel helpless – it’s better do something than feel helpless – even if that something is of little value.

And human nature makes us choose the seemingly easier route (with less work) unless we pause to seriously consider the alternatives.

So how do you overcome biology and get yourself focused on the things that will really do you good?

One – study conversion principles, and…

Two – and this might be more important – surround yourself with like-minded marketers (like us!)

We’re all very instinctual, emotional animals.  Successful marketers accept and even embrace this on a deep level, but they also put things in place to compensate for it…

What feels right isn’t always right…

Sometimes you have to feel worse to do better.

And what seems sexy isn’t always good for you.

I rest my case!

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